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The Return Le retour


3 Flying Car Already Exist

CES 2016 - 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, Virtual Reality, Holograms & More

Water Hackathon Univercite/Hackuarium/Hackteria
Hackuarium Biohackerspace - Chemin du Closel 5, 1020 Renens - Suisse

Source Youtube Fast And Furious Montage

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NEW 5 TECHNOLOGY OF ROBOT - Available Now # 1


Welcome to EPFL - Lausanne - EPFL is one of the two Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology.

Revolution OS ITA

hammerdirt - Removal and inventory of Aquatic Litter

hammerdirt -Facebook

6 Flying Car Already Exist

AGIR! - - biodesign for the real world - AN OPEN LABORATORY FOR DIY BIOLOGY (AND BEYOND)



Video Disco

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Occidental's Karma NEW Base Strumentale Karaoke Prodotta da Lello Losito
Steve Jobs - Angel Llamas Linux Distribuzioni Linus Torvalds

Richard Stallman Bill-Gates

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